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The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an effective tool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is because the Nordic Swan Ecolabel takes a holistic approach and considers several environmental parameters, including climate.

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Climate change and global warming are caused in part by how we produce and consume. So this is also where we need to find part of the solution.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is one of the tools that companies can use to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the value chain – without creating other environmental problems. In the same way, professional buyers can use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as a benchmark to choose products and services with a smaller climate impact than conventional alternatives.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel reduces the climate footprint

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an effective tool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel assesses the product's entire life cycle based on a holistic approach, where climate is one of the environmental parameters taken into account.

The holisticapproach is crucial to reducing the overall environmental and climate footprint. It also ensures that the Nordic Swan Ecolabel sets requirements that reduce products' climate impact – without creating other environmental problems by compromising on biodiversity, health or the responsible use of the Earth’s limited resources.

When products are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, their climate footprint is reduced in several ways. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel requirements focus on:

  • Energy: Reduced energy consumption, energy efficiency, conversion from fossil fuels to sustainable renewable energy and thereby reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Materials: Transition to sustainable materials with a reduced climate impact
  • Quality: Increased product lifetime through quality and design requirements
  • Waste: Reuse, recycling and waste minimisation

The circular economy and climate are interrelated

Actions to strengthen the circular economy will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to a report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, almost half of all greenhouse gas emissions come from consumption and production.

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