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Inspection process

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an independent third-party accreditation body, involving extensive inspection activities.

In order to become certified under the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, products and services must undergo a thorough certification process. This helps to ensure that the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a credible benchmark for both professional buyers and consumers.

The inspection procedure includes:

Certification check: Check before a company becomes certified

When a company applies for a product or service to be certifiedwith the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Ecolabelling Denmark reviews all the documentation submitted with the application. This involves documenting that all Nordic Swan Ecolabel requirements for the product group in question.

On-site inspections at production sites are also part of the certification check – no matter where in the world production takes place. The aim is to ensure that products, production conditions and work processes conform with the description in the submitted documentation. Whether the company has implemented a quality management system is also checked to ensure that the company is able to comply with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s requirements in its day-to-day operations. 

Follow up inspection: Ongoing spot checks

Moreover, Ecolabelling Denmark carries out spot checks every year among the companies with products or services bearing the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The spot check is therefore called follow up inspection.

The spot checks are carefully selected to ensure that all companies are checked at least once within the period of their certification.

Ecolabelling Denmark may carry out various forms of follow up inspection:

  • New on-site inspection at the company.
  • Review of production specifications from the company.
  • Review of company records – e.g. regarding its resource consumption.
  • New review of the company’s procedures for production and quality assurance.
  • Testing of Nordic Swan Ecolabel products – e.g. to check for the presence of banned substances.

Market surveillance of unauthorised use of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in marketing 

Ecolabelling Denmark also monitors how the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is used on websites, in advertising and other marketing materials. The focus here is to avoid unauthorised use of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel e.g. by companies trying to market themselves with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel – without being certified. 

Specific checks: Follow-up on enquiries from the public 

Ecolabelling Denmark occasionally receives enquiries from companies or private individuals who suspect abuse of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. We take these types of enquiries very seriously and always follow up on each and every enquiry.