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Nordic Ecolabelling Portal

For digitized product groups, application for certification must be made in the Nordic Ecolabelling Portal. On the criteria and price pages for the individual product group, it is stated whether the product group is digitized.

On this page you will find information on how to use the application portal. If your company has already created an account, you can log in here.

What can you use the portal for?

The application portal is a digital tool to facilitate the application process for a certification with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Here you fill in basic information about your company as well as a description of the product or service for which you wish to apply for certification.

Nordic Ecolabelling is working on an extensive digitization project, which means that the application process for the individual product groups will be continuously expanded over the coming years. The product groups are currently in two different stages:

  1. Non-digitized: For non-digitized product groups, applicants must submit the application form and documentation by email to application@ecolabel.dk.
  2. Digitized: For digitized product groups, application and submission of documentation takes place digitally. Here it is possible to add all information and documents necessary for the processing of an application. The portal functions as both a project management and communication tool.

What can you see and work with in the portal?

What you see and what you can do in the portal depends on which role you have been assigned:

  • Licence applicants can submit application forms and get an overview of their ongoing applications.
  • Licensees can access an overview of their licenses and certified products.
  • Brand owners can see their brands and get an overview of certified products that are registered with their brands.
  • Everyone can see registered contacts in their company, update information about them, add new contacts and request that contacts be removed.
  • Consultants will only see the applications for which they are listed as consultants.

You can find user guides for the application portal on the criteria page for your specific product group.

Request username and password

If no one in your company has a username or password for the portal, follow these guidelines:

  1. Fill in the Power of Attorney
    You can find the PoA form here Power of Attorney for the Nordic Ecolabelling Portal. In the form you must fill in, among other things:

    Country: The country in your company address, for example Denmark
    Competent contact: The name and e-mail of the person in your company, who has a mandate to administer yur licenses, submit application and decide if more employees should have login to the portal.
    Authorized signatory: The name and e-mail of the person who has a mandate to sign documents on behalf of your company.

  2. An authorized signatory must approve the contract
    When the Power of Attorney form is completed, the person who is stated as "authorized signatory" will receive an e-mail with a link to digital approval of the contract (including acceptance of the regulations for the Nordic Swan Ecolabelling).

  3. You will receive username and password
    When the authorized signatory has approved, the Power of Attorney will be checked by Nordic Ecolabelling. The username and password will be created and sent to the person listed as "competent contact" in the form. The process is manual and you can expect to receive the e-mail with username and password 1-2 working days after the authorized signatory has approved.

  4. Login to the Nordic Ecolabelling Portal
    Login to the Nordic Ecolabelling Portal with the received login credentials.


  5. Change password
    The first time you login, you will be prompted to change your password. The password mus be at least eight characters long.

  6. Accept terms and conditions
    The first time you login, the terms and conditions for using the portal will be displayed. You must accept these in order to continue.

  7. You are logged in
    You are now logged in. In the portal, you can get an overview of your company's licenses, certified products, and ongoing applications.

If your company already has login credentials to the Nordic Ecolabelling Portal, the person who is registered as "competent contact" can request access for more users here.

Forgot username or password?

Forgot username
Your username should be the same as your e-mail address. If this does not work, please send an e-mail to application@ecolabel.dk and ask for your username.

Forgot password
If you have forgotten the password for the portal, please click "Forgot password?" on the login-page for the portal. You will then receive an e-mail from crm_mailer@nordicecolabel.org with a link to create a new password.

If you do not receive an e-mail with a link to creat a new password, send an e-mail to application@ecolabel.dk.

Username and password for the portal is personal, and should not be shared with other persons.