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Why become certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel?

Learn more about the benefits you can obtain from a certification of your products or services with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

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Four strong advantages of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification

  1. Supports your green transition and product development
    Few companies have the resources to be environmental experts themselves. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an effective tool to develop products that are among the best for the environment in their respective categories. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel guides you to the areas that are most important for you to improve. You can use the requirements in the design phase, in the choice of raw materials and for the actual production process. You will also get help in setting requirements for your suppliers, so that you are in control of the value chain.

    The Nordic Swan Ecolabel can also guide you in making more circular products and reducing your climate footprint. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel considers all relevant environmental parameters throughout the product’s life cycle.

    Find out more about how the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a holistic certification.

  2. Strengthen your competitiveness
    The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is one of the world’s toughest environmental certification schemes. The certification documents that the company’s products are among the environmentally best. This can strengthen your market position, as both consumers and professional buyers increasingly demand products that are manufactured with consideration for the environment and climate.

    Large parts of the world see the Nordics as a pioneering region for a more sustainable lifestyle and a green transformation. Certification under the official Nordic ecolabel – the Nordic Swan Ecolabel – can therefore help to strengthen your position and open up new markets all over the world.

  3. Strengthening your marketing and communication
    The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the best-known ecolabel in the Nordic region and a recognised Type I ecolabel outside the Nordic region. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel can therefore also strengthen your market position – in relation to competitors, consumers, professional buyers and employees.

    You can also save both time and money on marketing efforts, as the Nordic Swan Ecolabel makes your sustainability communication more effective and credible.

  4. Strengthening your profile as an attractive workplace
    With the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, you can increase your employees’ job satisfaction. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel helps to ensure a better working environment, and employees are often proud to work for a company that holds documentation of its environmental measures. This also makes you an attractive workplace when recruiting new employees.

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