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Guide to a good certification process

If you are considering a certification with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, read this guide to a good certification process.

To kollegaer i uformel snak om arbejdsopgave

How to obtain certification for your product or service

  1. Check if your products can be certified
    If the Nordic Swan Ecolabel has developed requirements for your product type or service, you can apply for certification. You can get an overview of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel's product areas and the requirements for the individual product types here. On the requirements page, you will also find contact persons for the product group.


  2. Read about the benefits of certification
    If you would like to know more about the benefits before you decide to apply for a certification, you can read more here:

    "Why become certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel?"

  3. Understand what the certification costs
    The price of a certification depends, among other things, on which products you want to certify and how large your turnover of the products are. On the page with requirements for your product group, you will find information about what it costs to apply for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and what the annual application fee is.”

  4. Get an overview of what it takes to obtain the certification
    The amount of work required to obtain a certification varies. It depends, among other things, on how much you need to adjust products and processes to meet the requirements, and how good documentation you have internally in the company or can get through your subcontractors. On the requirements page for your product group, you will find the criteria document that provides an overview of the requirements for your product type and for documentation.

  5. Develop your products to meet the Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s requirements
    Once you have familiarized yourself with which requirements you must meet to obtain certification with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, you can start making the adjustments needed to meet the requirements. It can be adjustments in e.g. raw materials, production processes, and / or packaging. In addition, you must start collecting the necessary documentation.

  6. Submit application and documentation
    The form of application depends on the product group in question. This is because Nordic Ecolabelling is in the process of digitizing the application process for all product groups – and this is being implemented successively. Therefore, the application process is different depending on whether the product group is digitized or not.

    On the page with requirements and prices, you can see whether your product group is digitized, and thus how you should apply and submit documentation.

  7. Be available in the certification process
    When you have submitted your application, you will be assigned a certification consultant who will support you in the process. You can expect a status on the application 4-6 weeks after you have applied. Here you will be informed, for example, whether more documentation is required and whether adjustments are needed to obtain a certification. When all documentation is submitted, Ecolabelling Denmark carries out an inspection visit.

    The certification process typically takes 2-6 months. The better documentation you have and the sooner you can submit it, the faster the process will be.

  8. Use your certification in your marketing
    When your product or service has been certified, you may market your product or service with the Nordic region's most acknowledged ecolabel.
    Please note that you are not allowed to communicate about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel or use the logo until you have obtained the certification.
    Read about guidelines for using the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in marketing and get inspiration for using the label in different channels.

    How you can use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in marketing.