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How to apply for a certification

Under the CRITERIA tab you will find an application form which must be sent to application@ecolabel.dk. You will then receive an email with a password to log in to the MSA Portal - the application portal for paper products.

You can read more about the application process here:

For suppliers

Has one of your customers applied for certification with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel? You can help your customer by registering the product or item properties, i.e. pulp or chemicals in the MSA Portal. We can then use the information in processing your customers application.

You can declare products and materials such as for example chemicals, pulp, paper and cardboard.

Find more information

Do you consider a certification?

Sanne Nielsen

Market Advisor

72 41 48 54


Do you have questions to the criteria?

Jakob Wegener Waidtløw

Senior consultant

+45 72 41 48 16