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Furniture and fixtures

On this page you can read more about how your furniture and fixtures can be certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel – and the benefits you gain.

Åbent kontorlandskab med moderne kontormøbler

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel takes a holistic approach and considers the entire life cycle. This means that Nordic Swan Ecolabel furniture and fixtures fulfil strict, absolute requirements to reduce their environmental and climate footprints throughout the furniture’s life cycle. They also fulfil requirements that help to promote the circular economy.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel continuously evaluates and tightens the requirements. The latest requirements for furniture and fixtures are from 2021.

What characterises furniture and fixtures certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel?

Here are some of the characteristics of Nordic Swan Ecolabel furniture:

  • Designed for the circular economy.
  • Fulfils requirements for energy consumption, e.g. in the production of wood-based panels and laminate.
  • Wood as a raw material is legally felled and traceable.
  • A minimum of 70 % of the wood as a raw material is from certified forestry.
  • Meets strict chemical requirements. 
  • Meets strict requirements for the evaporation of harmful substances. 
  • Documented good quality, strength, and safety.
  • Has a minimum extended warranty of 5-10 years, which includes availability of essential spare parts.

It is also possible for outdoor furniture to be certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel – see criteria and prices

What can be certified?

Furniture, for example:

  • Seating (chairs, sofas, etc.)
  • Bedroom furniture (beds, sofa beds, mattresses, etc.)
  • Storage furniture (cupboards, shelves, etc.)
  • Tables (dining tables, desks, coffee tables, etc.)

Fixtures, e.g.:

  • Kitchen and bathroom design, including shower walls
  • Worktops
  • Wardrobes, including coat racks/hat shelves 
  • Walls and partitions, e.g. for office environments, sound-insulating panels upholstered with textiles
  • Boards/whiteboards

Case studies